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I am filled with so much Love and Gratitude for Jennifer and this workshop 💚she taught me the tools I needed to raise my vibration and live in my Joy. Â When I decided to put myself 1st and sign up for this retreat I had no idea how life transforming and magical this weekend would be. Â I didn't even realize how much I NEEDED a Detox. To let go of the shit... That has been standing in my way. If you are ready to make a change? Learn to Love yourself and your life again? This is for you! Take the 1st step in reminding yourself how truly Amazing YOU are. (High Five Tribe Retreat)

Sarah K November 

Jennifer is such a wonderful person! When you sit down with her for a reading you may feel a little nervous! But Jennifer really helps you feel relaxed. She is great with her art and does a wonderful job and spot on job with your reading !

Robbie Blaske

I have known Jennifer Lloyd for over 10 years. I met her for the first time when she was still on Murdoch street with her salon. She had never seen me before that day. She did a reading for me that had to do with my daughter who had passed on and may I say I was very impressed with her, she was so very kind to me and very empathetic. She explained to me as to what I was doing at home with the items that I had left over from my daughter. She knew things, like exactly how many pictures that I had of her. EXACTLY!! Even though I remember that I disagreed with her about the amount. But when I got home later on, I looked at the only pictures I have had of her and realized that Jennifer was absolutely correct.

As time went on I continued to see Jennifer 1 to 2 times a year for myself and for my daughter. By doing this Jennifer has assisted in my healing of the death of my daughter. In between the time that we have known each other I had lost my brother. The day that I talked to her about it, she was able to tell me IN DETAIL how and what happened. She was able to take another devastating blow to my life and gave me a sense of hope, because the first thing we think of is are they ok. In my opinion if it wasn't for the help of Jennifer, I would not be were I am today mentally and emotionally. She does more than just do a reading for you or just connect with your loved ones. She puts herself into everyone of her meetings with her clients. She CARES.

Jennifer has such a great gift and the personality to go along with it. I continue to come to her because she is amazing at what she does. It comes so natural to her. God bless you Jennifer and all of those that are put in front of you.

Melanie Singleton 

I was fortunate enough to have met the right people in my life who would introduce me to Jennifer Lloyd and her fabulous abilities. She has enlightened me about the path that is open for me to take for my own happiness and abilities. I have had private sessions for readings as well as instruction on Reiki, Pendulums, and witnessed her Medium abilities at a few of her shows, along with other, talented, open individuals. She is very honest, and that is necessary for her to channel what she knows in order to help guide us to our higher good. If you wish to have a better understanding of your own self, what path you are on, or want to learn more about how to open yourself up to the awareness needed in life, contact Jennifer and let her show you how!

Melinda Marcks 

Jennifer is an extremely gifted medium. I am so privileged to have her to communicate for me. She has told me information that makes no sense to her but does to me. She has told me things that she had no prior knowledge of knowing. She is the real deal. I have taken classes from Jennifer. She is a wonderful teacher. I have learned a lot and had a great time doing it. I would highly recommend working with Jennifer. You will be extremely happy that you did. I am sure you will want to continue to work with her in the future. I always look forward to seeing Jennifer. She is amazing and wonderful person.

Lynda Cruckson 

Jennifer Lloyd is incredible psychic medium, not only are her readings astounding and impressive, her sweet personality draws you in She's kind and considerate when she gives readings. She brings things forward you would've never thought to even ask. I recommend her time and time again to people I meet who are interested in a psychic medium.

Raych Schneider 

Met Jennifer 6 years ago at Psychic fair and from moment one, she was absolutely spot-on with each detail of my reading from start to finish. From her seeing my mother-in-law handing me pink roses in session, which brought tears to my eyes in a delightful way, to insight on an upcoming situation with one of our sons, we were both goosebumpling. All these years later, each time we connect whether in person or over the phone, she reads with accuracy beyond measure. We laugh, cry, & celebrate together. If there is any situation in your life where there's a question regarding your next step, or a concern, or any area that validation may help you move forward with clarity and ease, contact Jennifer to set up a reading, you will be amazed and delighted with the entire process. Thank you SiSTAR for your positive presence in our lives, and for saying yes to your gifts of channeling spirit...We and the planet shine brighter because of you.

Jody Hagedorn 

Jennifer came to my home to do a group reading with friends. I had always wondered about an ex of mine and his unexpected death. Lots of questions I've never shared with anyone. Jennifer was able to connect with him and really answered questions I've always had. It really lifted a huge weight I had been carrying around. She also connected with my grandpa. I feel him around be a lot. And it was amazing to hear from him. Jennifer does beautiful henna. Her card readings are always spot on as well. If you are looking for a true psychic medium I would for sure book an appointment with Jennifer.

Abby Cravillian 

Being a Christian I was always told to stay away from psychics and mediums. Then one day I met Jennifer. A beautiful and wonderful person, inside and out. Instantly I felt connected to her. Her zest for life and bubbly personality is contagious. She the kind of person you want to spend time with, as she fills your cup with joy, without even trying. Her positive energy is undeniable. I found myself trusting her and allowed myself to open up and receive her gift. Her gift was connecting to a higher place to bring healing, joy, and clarity to me, concerning my loved ones that have passed on. I never felt closer to God than during my time with Jennifer, so I am here to tell you to not be afraid. There is healing, love, and peace waiting for you. Jennifer is as genuine as it gets!!!!!!!

Susan Nickel 

I have participated as a student in many of Jennifer Lloyd's classes where we learned about becoming more spiritual beings and I have also studied with Jennifer as my Reiki Master/Teacher and completed both Reiki I and Reiki II Attunement with Jennifer. She is a wonderful person and marvelous teacher. Very patient and attentive to all in her class making her classes so worthwhile as I got so much out of each one. Jennifer is a very old soul and has great instincts when it comes to life and people. She is always guiding each of us with a gentle hand as she always seems to know intuitively what each student needs and what they hope to achieve at each of her classes. She has so much depth in all areas of metaphysical teaching which makes her very effective and insightful whether you are in a class to learn the Reiki Healing or learn to become more aware of your spiritual self through meditation, using oil, or learning to use and interpret Oracle Cards. Jennifer is a great teacher of all of these different modalities. She is also ethical and integrates these respectful ways into all of her teachings. If you are interested in learning more about your sixth sense and the spiritual world in which we all live I would highly recommend either signing up for one or more of Jennifer's classes or engage her in a one-on-one session. You will benefit greatly by learning what Jennifer knows.

Lyn Schultz 

Jennifer is truly the best medium I have experienced. Not only is her information accurate it is healing, compassionate, guiding and enlightening. At times in my life I have had issues with anxiety, Jennifer helps makes sense of it and facilitates the process through the problems allowing me to have more peace and a more realistic approach to the problems at hand. She is kind, funny and compassionate but very honest. She is willing to say the hard things that I need at times. This is always helpful. Her intention is to make the present world a better place while she is accessing spirit. Her gifts are limitless and I am fortunate to have her in my life.

Coni Bourin 

I met Jennifer over a year ago. She strongly encouraged me to get my affairs in order so I could return to college. Seemed like a long shot, but surprise! I am just finishing my first semester back and loving it! Jennifer is caring and compassionate & her Henna artwork is truly Divine!

Jennifer Buckmaster

All I can say is AMAZING!!!! The first reading she did for me was one of the best readings I've ever had.

Jeanette McClone

I visited with Jennifer on the recommendation of a close friend. She knew I was struggling with the grief I carry over the loss of my youngest son. At first I was hesitant to go through with the visit. I am a practicing Christian and I was concerned about whether or not I was being ‘sacrilegious’ by talking with a medium. Now, after the fact, I can tell you I am SO GLAD I WENT! And I believe whole-heartedly now that God gifted Jennifer and I can give you first-hand testimony that she uses this gift only with the intent of bringing healing and hope to people! Some of you reading this may be wondering “is she really talking with someone on the other side?” I can tell you that - INDEED SHE IS! I had no doubt my son was speaking to her! She was relaying information that only someone that has lived with me would know and I became absolutely certain it was my son communicating with her when she began sharing details that only he would have had access to. The passing of my son occurred under questionable circumstances. I now know the truth of what happened and this has brought me a sense of

closure I never thought possible. Likewise, I have found a renewed sense of hope from the assurance that the essence of who we are does indeed go on.

Jennifer is a sensitive, loving and encouraging healer. Her goal is to help you find peace and hope to live the most fruitful life possible. She possesses the unique ability to bring a perspective and messages from loved ones that have gone before us. She is committed to using this skill for the encouragement and peace of those that continue their journey on this side of the veil. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing this amazing gift!

Jill B.

My sister (who is somewhat skeptical) and I went to a gathering of Jennifer's in Oshkosh at the Best Western Hotel. It was a great gathering. You could just feel the energy there. She is a gifted young lady and always, always, wants to have the best and loving messages come through for you. Even though not everyone that came got a message from their loved one you felt just because of the total energy that was in that room that they were with you and for me that was all I needed. My sister who is skeptical was very much impressed. I would suggest that if anyone is even just thinking about going to a medium to make an appointment with Jennifer. You will not be disappointed.

Melanie S.

I highly recommend Jennifer to anyone in need of insight, guidance, or closure. She is extremely intuitive and the compassion she has for her clients is reflected in her readings. Both of my experiences with her have been very healing for me.

Maddie M.

Meeting Jennifer today has meant a great deal. She is absolutely amazing and right on point. I am so thankful for the recommendation. I will definitely be back and recommending her to others.

Tashina Weber

Such an amazing experience! she made me, cry smile & feel more at peace. I never expected as much of a connection as I got; beautiful.

Kendra Diane

I have enjoyed several readings from Jennifer. She is always spot on and knows things that she couldn't possibly know ahead of time. She doesn't give the generic information, but really does deliver details that are very relevant!

Anna Karina Ruble Thiel

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